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Classix is a series of releases by the Acid Junkies. With this series they present the legacy works ranging from their very first output of the early '90's to the 21'st century.

All tracks are completely restored and remastered to give them the punch dance music needs today. But good acid techno is timeless, fun to make and even more fun to listen or dance to. So that's why Acid Junkies think you should get their best tracks in the best quality. Keep on smiling!

This release opens with our theme from the past, back in the days when life was good and acid was simply … acid. From our Jackpot album comes the track da Junks Fool Brother, a massive lead cutting it's way through the beats. The F Factor stands for….not what you might think. Food was always on our minds as much as the gear was on the minds of the trainspotters who we dedicated that song too. Finally graveyard makes a nice ravy ending to these 5 classic tracks…

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